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  1. New Website Desgin
    If you have not yet noticed, there has been great changes for the better to the LeadCraft server website. This website has now has a new design that is now more suited to most resolutions. It has become responsive with more than a few places to click, scroll and type. Our goal in making this website is so LeadCrafters of all ages, genders, species and sizes can navigate around without a hassle and using the available sources freely. From the LeadCraft Team, we hope that we have made your day with us and set a stable ground for the community to move on.
    12 Jul
  2. Staff applications
    This much anticipated moment has finally arrived. LeadCraft is looking for capable staff and we are now asking players to apply. Apply for staff now at Please try your best when applying to provide us with full sentence answers and answer the questions appropriately. Bribing and and threats will not be tolerated (and by doing so, you could face a ban). We would like to wish everyone applying the best of luck.
    4 Aug

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