About LeadCraft

Who are we?
The LeadCraft Network is a set of server game modes built on top of the Minecraft game created by Mojang AB. We utilize the game engine and the APIs provided by Bukkit/Spigot with the authorization of Mojang AB to run these gamemodes. Our server aims to provide the game modes in a central location so that players can get a rich experience. LeadCraft is a freemium model. Freemium means that anyone can come on and play the Minecraft servers with limited/trial access. Leadcraft trys to offer the best possible services for our players that wish for an unlimited amount of game time on our server.

Our History

How did eveything turn out?
The LeadCraft Network was first founded in the September of 2012 as a simple factions modded server. The server focused on providing the best experience for all the members. The orginial server was created by Leadinjector with a team of passionate players who later became the staff members. The server was used by around 100 also players. In Feburary of 2013 TriBlade to come and co-help create the LeadCraft 2.0 modpack. 

As a year of modded factions past, with a slow decreaseof players online, the server got shutdown. In October that year, Leadinjector with a goal to provide the best experience got some friends together to bring LeadCraft back to life. Ever since, through the lows and highs, LeadCraft has been online and changing. Don't focus on the past, come and join the community and be apart of our future. 

Lead the way!