Server Rules

By being apart of this community and join the server, you must agree to all of the following:

Staff Applications 

LeadCraft strives to provide a happy and fun place for all. To do this everyone must follow the rules. These rules are pretty simple and common on most servers. Any punishments due to rule breaking is at the staff's discretion. The punishment will reflect the severity of the rule breaking behaviour. Any attempt at getting around rules with loopholes or what not will result in a ban. We retain the right to ban/remove any player from our network for any reason at any time for any reasons we deem fit. If you're banned you can appeal your ban on the forums. It is up to senior staff  if you will be allowed back or not. 
Respect all members of the community
A responsibility to uphold while being recognised as a community member is to respect all the other members whether they are staff, friends or just acquaintances. This means to greet members in an orderly manner and to listen to the opinions of others.  If you feel a member of staff is being abusive, please contact the Administration Team on the forums or message them privately.
Chat responsibly 
As we all know, chatting in caps might be comprehended to you shouting. This is one of the many things that you will need to be vary of while chatting to your friends. Please be mindful of others when speaking in chat, we do have children playing on the server with you. Subjects should be kept light and kid friendly. Sex, violence, aggressive talk or other subjects should be kept to private messages or not
talked about at all on the server. Profane language (swearing) is not allowed. All chat rules are affecting any language, breaking the chat rules in different languages will still lead into punishment.
Advertising is not Permitted
Advertising other servers on the LeadCraft server or Forums will result in a ban from both the server and the forums. This includes sharing an IP or Website/Domain (other than that of LeadCraft) in public chat , messaging system etc…
Keep our server clean
While playing on our server, we would like players to be commited in maintaining their towns. This means to fully cut down trees and cleaning up chests and blocks when you move places. Building structed buildings are also encouraged and will generally look better than nerd poles.
Obey all Staff Members 
All decisions made by the staff members are considered final. Please do not argue with a judgement made by one of our staff members. If you feel a member of staff is being abusive, please contact the Administration Team on the forums or message them privately.
Accept all genders and ethnicities
To be apart of the community, you must accept all members whatever their gender or their ethnicity. Treat others as you would like to
be treated. Any kind of discrimination or harrassment whether it might be racial slurs, sexual comment or remarks about disabilities, looks or age is not tolerated. If you are experiencing any type of teasing, bulling or abuse please refer to a staff member immediately or consult an adult.
Hacking is not permitted
Any form of hacking to obtain items or get an advantage beyond normal game play is not allowed and you will be banned instantly. This includes X-Ray, duplicating items, hacked clients, flying without permission etc. Logging in as other users will instantly get your IP banned.
Build far from spawn
Whilst there might not be really a no building zone specified, please avoid building near spawn. Not only will your base be prone to raiders or griefers, it might be bulldozed down in the future to make more space to other plans. Use can use /rtp, /travel or /wild to build far away from spawn

Lead the way!